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Dr. Eileen Macfarlane has been known for reaching beyond the realms of ordinary chiropractic in order to give care that clears pain, nerve interference and deeply balances the individual. Dr. Eileen, as she is called by her patients, is known for her attention to detail, efficiency at finding the source of the problem and her gentle approach.

She attracts clients of all ages and many view her as their primary caregiver. Dr. Eileen graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1986 and adopted Applied Kinesiology as a diagnostic technique along with the activator and diversified adjusting techniques and cranial sacral therapy. A typical chiropractic visit with Dr. Eileen addresses the root of the chief complaint through the six steps to wellness protocol from the Brimhall protocol. Most clients have pain relief the first visit and an understanding of their own role in healing their body. The ionic foot bath is available for detoxification programs and the red/violet cold laser for healing deep seated problems. Dr. Eileen views the body as a dynamic energy force that may have layers of distortion or disease but, is naturally drawn, in most situations, to return to wellness or homeostasis.

D. Eileen offers chiropractic spinal exams and adjustments for your pets and for horses. The Basalt office can accomadate dogs or cats for chiropractic visits. Dr. Eileen travels to scheduled horse visits Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. Dr. Eileen is a Certified Animal Chiropractor and a member of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Please ask your veternarian for a referral.

Dr. Eileen is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four year certification that trains medical intuition and healing of the human energy field. Dr. Eileen offers energetic healing appointments for auric clearing and balancing. She teaches classes in meditation and hands on healing work. She enjoys helping clients with clearing grief, anxiety, uncertainity, anger and creating a bridge back to their personal power.

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