Infrared Sauna

We are excited to include an Infrared Sauna to clear heavy metals from the bone, fat tissue and the brain. This is the best technology to help with the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity: brain fog, fatigue, weight gain or weight loss . It can be a tremendous partner with the Science Based Nutrition program of blood, urine and hair analysis.

sauna.jpgInfrared Sauna Benefits

Invigorate Your Cells

Sauna bathing increases feel good hormones called endorphins. A pilot study from Internal Medicine Reported participants’ negative mood, anxiety, depression and fatigue improved with Infrared Sauna baths.

Heal Your Heart
A study in International Heart Journal eported FIR Sauna bathing improves heart health, quality of life, endothelial function and exercise capacity. A 2015 JAMA Internal Medicine Study reported that frequent sauna bathing reduced risk of fatal cardiovascular events.

In women, sauna bathing improves cholesterol profiles.

Fuel Your Inner Flam

Sauna bathing increases nitric oxide, a helpful chemical that expands blood vessels and increases blood flow to select organs.

Achieve Peak Performance

Sweat is an avenue for toxins to leave the body. When we remove the toxins via sweat it decreases the burden on the liver and kidneys and with less stress on the cells, they are able to thrive.

Vibrant Skin

Increased circulation and sweating purifies your skin as it brings toxins, dirt, and dead skin cells to the surface. Additionally, increased blood flow to the skin means more oxygen and nutrients there to help keep it vibrant.

Weight Loss

According to JAMA, weight loss from sauna bathing is not just due to water loss. Sweating is an energy-intense process that involves increased metabolic rate and cardiac output, both of which utilize calories.

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